Cement Pipes
Concrete and cement pipes available in different sizes are mainly used for drainage, sewerage, water supply and irrigation. The inner wall of such pipes does not get affected by chemicals, gases and continuous exposure to water.
RCC Products
In our range RCC products, we have RCC pipes made from reinforced cement concrete. Just like cement pipes, these pipes are also appliable as sewerage and water drainage pipeline. These products have high strength, ductility and durability.
Manhole Cement Cover
Manholes must be covered with covers in order to prevent any accident, especially on roads. The manhole cement covers are the best choice when it comes to reliable and lasting covers. These come in several shapes and sizes.
Fencing Poles
Create a protective fence across the boundaries of your home, garden, plot, farm or any other open facility which needs to be protected using fencing poles made from concrete. These are durable poles and do not wear even after decades.
RCC Garden Accessories
Gardens and parks look great when it is green, new plants protected by RCC tree guard and a proper seating area to sit and relax. Our company has everything needed to accommodate garden with garden chair and tree guards.
Kilometer Stone
Kilometer stone, also known as mile stone can be found on the roadsides to indicate the distance to a location. Its use dates back when there were no smartphones and access to Google Maps. People travelling to different destinations via highways rely on these milestones for information.
Kerb Stones
Kerb stones made in concrete are standard size stones with specific size, which are laid on pavements, driveways and heavy traffic areas in a manner and painted in black and white colours, to add aesthetic appeal.

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